You can rest assured, here we work with care, responsibility and transparency.

You can't talk about fashion today without talking about responsibility and sustainability. And with us it's no different. We are responsible for what we produce and, therefore, our production chain is mapped and certified, giving our customers peace of mind that the products they purchase, in addition to being unique, are within the best care and protection practices for the environment and people involved in its development.

Regarding our social responsibility, in addition to taking care to have diverse women in our management positions, we offer leadership to local artisans and artists, bringing artisanal production to the forefront of our business choices, respecting and valuing families and communities.

And to go beyond speeches and achieve our internal sustainability goals, Oitici has fundamental partnerships in this field. Come meet!


Ecooar is a network of reforestation projects that work to restore Permanent Preservation Areas (APP) in the Atlantic Forest and other biomes. For more information visit:


Greentech Soluções proposes to create a collective system to operationalize Reverse Logistics for its members, helping companies comply with the National Solid Waste Policy Law (12.305/2010). Through the use of Greentech's reverse logistics service, Oitici now complies with law 12,305/2010 (National Solid Waste Policy) for the decharacterization, recycling and reuse of textile waste generated through the disposal of fabrics, scraps, seizures, lots with defects, accident materials and old fashion collections. For more information about Greentech, visit:


Sou de Algodão is a movement with the aim of creating a collective awareness around fashion and responsible consumption. It helps track all agents in the production chain, from the field to the final consumer. For more information, visit:


EuReciclo is a network of cooperatives and partner operators, who are remunerated for the service provided in collecting and directing waste for recycling. For more information visit: