Be careful with the parts

Learn how to care for your Oitici pieces so they stay beautiful for a long time

For all parts:

Washing care begins with separating the items. Avoid placing light-colored items with dark ones, preventing light-colored fabrics from becoming stained.

Do not use bleach on any Oitici fabric. Our fabrics are delicate and do not withstand the use of very aggressive chemicals.

Avoid hanging with fasteners, especially knitwear. In addition to marking them, they can become deformed.

Pay attention to the instructions when ironing. Particularly be careful with the temperature on delicate fabrics, such as silk.

Items that have trimmings, such as zippers, hooks, buckles and others, should preferably be washed inside out or in special bags to prevent them from pulling threads from other items.

Delicate fabrics should be washed inside out to minimize friction.

Special cares

Cotton and linen

Gentle wash at maximum 40 o C, leave to dry in the shade and do not use a dryer.


Gentle wash at maximum 40 o C, leave to dry horizontally in the shade. Do not use hangers or dryers.


Preferably wash by hand with neutral soap and let it dry in the shade. Do not use a dryer.


Professional dry cleaning. Silk, right?


Professional wash (recommended) or in delicate mode and dry in the shade.